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Where once a sensor’s megapixel count could be used as a rough indication of its quality, Sony now makes some slightly ropey 8-megapixel and 13-megapixel units that are worth avoiding. Like the Moto G, though, the One Plus 2 has an excellent 13-megapixel sensor.

And one not made by Sony, which makes the majority of camera sensors in the phones we review. It’s a much smaller name, of course, but has proved its worth in numerous China-made phones. The One Plus 2’s sensor measures 1/2.6-inch, meaning its light-sensitive pixels are significantly larger than those of the competition.

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Loop nooit meer die perfecte opname mis of laat een vaag beeld een ideaal moment niet meer ruïneren.The One Plus 2’s rear camera is also aided by a bunch of periphery camera features that make it just as well-equipped as all the £500-plus phones out there. One Plus has put some serious work into getting rid of the shutter lag that afflicted the phone at launch, but when taking HDR shots the One Plus 2 still takes about three seconds to process a shot.It has laser-assisted focusing, a dual LED flash and optical image stabilisation. Ultimately, it doesn’t quite reach the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S6 or LG G4, but it is capable of some excellent moves for a sub-£300 phone. Thankfully, normal shooting feels pretty nippy at this stage.Hoewel ze precies op maat zijn gemaakt voor smartphonecamera's, vertellen megapixels niet het hele verhaal.De belangrijkste kwaliteitsfactor van een camera is de kwaliteit van zijn beeldsensor en optica.Onze sensor bevat grote lichtopvangende pixels van 1,3 µm - de grootste ooit in een 13MP smartphonecamera zijn toegepast, en zorgen voor ongeëvenaarde prestaties in het donker.


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