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27 is in fact its last episode, but the show wrapped up perfectly if that's the case. George (Scott Porter) runs into trouble after reuniting with girlfriend Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black) following a few weeks away at his new Nashville job.

Rachel Bilson's long-running CW series left fans with two weddings, one birth, and a huge musical number. The lovebirds have fun in, ahem, the bedroom, but Annabeth gets upset when she hears he may stay in Nashville for good.

In "And Then There Were Fewer", Diane murdered James Woods, Derek Wilcox, Stephanie, Muriel Goldman, and Priscilla, and framed Tom. Prior to this, he suggested to his boss to have a young sexy blonde replace Diane as co-anchor.

He was exonerated after Lois found out that Diane was the real killer, as he appears in "Excellence in Broadcasting", mentioning Diane's death and her murders. He was also one of the many characters to be incorporated into the updated opening sequence.

Known for: suffrage movement leader, founder of the League of Women Voters Occupation: activist, reformer, teacher, reporter Dates: January 9, 1859 - March 9, 1947Born Carrie Clinton Lane in Ripon, Wisconsin, and raised in Iowa, her parents were farmers Lucius Lane and Maria Clinton Lane.

She trained as a teacher, briefly studied law, and was appointed a high school principal a year after graduation from Iowa State Agricultural College (now Iowa State University).

Is it true that many black people believe that most white people have a distinct odor? I've heard that different races have different amounts of odor-producing apocrine glands, which might account for the perceived difference in smell.

I suppose that diet could also play some role in this as well.

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For example: I've heard meat-eaters in general have a distinct odor.

She married newspaper editor and publisher Leo Chapman, and became co-editor of the newspaper.

After her husband was accused of criminal libel, the Chapmans moved to California in 1885.

At college she joined a society for public speaking, which had been closed to women, and she organized a debate about women's suffrage, an early indication of her future intersts.

In 1883, two years later, she became Superintendent of Schools in Mason City.


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