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David Alan Nelson (born November 7, 1986) is an American football wide receiver who is currently a free agent.

He played college football for the University of Florida, where he was a member of two BCS National Championship teams.

Another group of NFL cheerleaders is suing their team for wage theft claiming that they've worked hundreds of unpaid hours training and performing, as well as appearing at events where they were at risk for catcalls and groping.

Five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders filed suit on Tuesday, and they are the third group of cheerleaders to do so.

SAN FRANCISCO — For decades, NFL cheerleaders accepted low wages — some making less than an hour, others getting nothing at all — without demanding change. The Oakland Raiders’ cheerleaders, the Raiderettes, and four others NFL cheerleading squads better wages filed class-action lawsuits against their respective teams seeking increased compensation. In the past 16 months, the Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Jets agreed to settlements worth more than .6 million combined and the guarantee of minimum-wage pay.

California legislators took action, ensuring professional cheerleaders get workers' compensation and other benefits, and New York legislators introduced a similar bill.

The 'perks' of being a Buffalo Jill (or a Raiderette - from Oakland, California and also suing for the minimum wage) don't seem to add up to much.

For all the criticism people throw at sex work, at least there it's well recognised that working for free is not the way to get ahead - and that someone who tries to convince you otherwise is nothing short of an abuser who should be shown the door.

At his first practice with the Steelers, Nelson suffered a shoulder injury.

With low-wage workers all over the US demonstrating and supporting the Show Me movement (led by a fast food workers, who are demanding £9 an hour), the estimated £1.80 an hour wage that the Jills get for their performances is embarrassingly meagre.

Especially given that they're not remunerated for squad-mandated meetings, publicity appearances and practices.

Robin Bishop, a member of the cheerleading squad in 2000, said the cheerleaders were prohibited from wearing underwear with one set of uniforms because it would show panty lines.

During an unscheduled weigh-in, Bishop said, one of the two female cheerleading coaches pinched the side of Bishop’s stomach, called her “chunky,’’ ordered her onto a diet and benched her for one game.


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